Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fight For WHAT?

I wrote this poem tonight:

  • firstly because I am NOT tired at all
  • Secondly because it's okay to speak up and be real when God challenges you
  • Thirdly because I have been itching to blog but haven't really had the time until now
  • and... Fourthly... because... I want to :)
  • PS: I am in no ways a professional poet, I just write what I think whether or not it is correct according to the poetry police ;) So forgive the errors, or better yet, ignore them and read what it actually says.

... and if you actually take the time to read this, you are SO AWESOME! Here goes... Oh, and smile because God really REALLY loves you! You have no idea...


You say you’re fighting for love

But whose love is that?

The one who hung up the phone,

And never called you back?

So sick of this false warfare

Oh you’ve got the solution?

Let’s hear it then

Your plans are laughable

They fail before they start

You know why?

You have a poisoned heart

Your efforts are in vain

Coated with arrogance and selfishness

Everything done looks out for number one


Stop saying it’s your fight!

This battle is already over

It was won by God, not you

You’re not even sober…

Sober in mind of course, don’t get so defensive

I’m not talking about what your body takes in

It’s what your very soul consumes

It’s what you love… SIN

Don’t read this and get mad,

No one will come check up on you

Anyways, I’m talking to myself


I’m the one who has to follow through


  1. great Job girly!! That was very nice and in a way drew a picture in my mind. Keep it up!! :-)

  2. This is amazing! I love how you used such creative words and yet got straight to the point! Awesome job and keep it up!