Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Have you ever tried to do a puzzle that has half the pieces missing? SO frustrating, right? Even if there are just one or two pieces gone, I am left feeling dissatisfied. The picture is not complete, the puzzle is not finished, and I will not be content until it is! Maybe I could create a piece that would fit and nobody would ever notice the difference... But I would.

I was thinking about this last night; not about puzzles, no, but about people and situations. When you lose a friend for whatever reason, it's like someone has taken a piece of your very own puzzle. Now what? The picture is ruined! There is a big gap missing, and not just any gap... This 'individual' piece had it's own shape, it's own colours, it's own part of this work of art, and a huge effect of the end product being the picture itself. Another piece may come along that could possibly fit if you hammered it down hard enough to try and force it into the mold, but truth is that it just doesn't fit.

It's the same with situations. Say you have and idea, yup a fifty-thousand piece idea. It takes a while to get that all together, a really really long while. But as each piece slowly lands in it's perfect place, and you know that each one fits perfectly into the given slot, a picture starts to form. It is not just any picture either, it is one that has been specifically designed for YOU!
Life may seem like such a long puzzle, and really it is, but if we are just patient and let the pieces fall into place, soon it won't seem so 'puzzling' after all. The more pieces you find too, the easier it is to find the next.

So in the end I come back to God, like I should have done in the beginning, because He fits every hole in my life and knows the 'bigger-picture' that's taking my whole life to see. So why is it so hard to comprehend God fitting all the missing areas? He's the one who created the puzzle in the first place! He knows every little piece of it by heart, and when we let him do it, he puts pieces together in a way that we never could have imagined. He is the artist, the designer, the one who takes the time to carve out each piece individually and gently hand it to us. I love my picture because it's not like anything I have ever seen, it's one of a kind and complete in The Creator.


  1. we love the piece that you have added to our little puzzle:-) love the lee family